Green Building

Respect for the environment as a working philosophy

Designing and constructing buildings capable of reducing the impact on the environment and on the health of those who live in them: this is the definition of green building.

Living in an Illen wooden house means living in an environment designed to safeguard well-being: continuous technological research has enabled us to design the most suitable solutions to make each house a healthy environment for humans, while respecting nature to the full.

And at the centre of everything, wood: a natural material by definition, and treated only with substances that do not release harmful particles into the atmosphere. The same applies to the adhesives used in the production and assembly processes and the treatments applied to the other construction materials. It takes considerably less time to construct a wooden house than a traditional one, therefore it consumes less energy and produces less waste.

Wood, together with hemp, rock wool, wood fibre, also plays a significant role in the areas of thermal and acoustic insulation. For this reason, the thermal management of wooden houses guarantees optimum quality of life: the exceptional insulation performance prevents the formation of condensation and humidity and limits heat excursions, rendering the living environment more comfortable for its inhabitants and providing considerable energy savings.

Illen does not produce only healthy, affordable homes that are a pleasure to live in. Respect for the environment is the basis of everything we do: every step of the production and processing phases is conducted in such a way as to reduce the impact on the environment.


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