Short production chain

Let's start with the selection of the raw material

We try to optimise the production process by establishing a short supply chain that begins with responsibly managed forests before proceeding within the confines of our manufacturing facilities.

It all starts with the careful selection of the raw material. Our wood is sources from the alpine forests of the Trentino region, located between 1200 and 1600 metres above sea level. Since these resources lie just a few kilometres from our production facility, we are able to select the raw material at the origin, identifying only the best larch and fir trunks, containing healthy knots.

The wood is processed in our facilities using high-technology machinery. The resulting beams are seasoned in special dryers, at a constant humidity of 18%. Once dried, the beams are planed and transferred to work centres for cutting and impregnation.

Our construction system allows us to produce prefabricated panels and assemble individual elements in our factory to obtain more complex parts (load-bearing walls, already equipped with compartments for windows and doors, partitions and floors). These are then dry assembled on site to optimise time and costs.