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Ca ‘Battaja-Belloni is the registered office of D.M.O. Spa, an established group run by the Celeghin family that manages and develops retail outlets for perfumery, personal hygiene, cleaning and pet-related products.

The building, which was completed in 2016, was originally the country seat of family of Venetian noblemen: reflecting the typical architecture of a Venetian villa, it consists of a central building and barchessa, or outhouse, to the side. At the time of purchase the building was in poor condition, meaning extensive restoration work was required. The owners opted for an intelligent restoration project aimed at conserving the most significant architectural elements of the buildings.

The upper floors of the villa have been restored maintaining the existing wooden structure. On the other hand, it was necessary to rebuild the roof completely using the original construction techniques: imposing solid larch trusses, edge hewn for an antique look. The beams are left exposed, both on the top floor of the villa and in the top to bottom spaces of the outhouses. The secondary structure was constructed using wooden boards on which the terracotta tiles were laid, most of which are original.

To ensure structural integrity and greater resistance to seismic activity, the outhouses were bounded with a concrete bead combined with metal cross bands inserted inside the roofing package, complete with an insulating package.

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