Franchin foundation

The Franchin Simon Foundation is a non-profit organisation that manages a semi-residential complex for the disabled, located in the Palazzo Chinaglia in Montagnana. The foundation is named after Simon Franchin, who was disabled due to improper use of forceps during childbirth. Simon’s parents used the compensation, which they received 23 years after the incident, to establish the Foundation with the aim of creating a housing community for people with psycho-physical disabilities.

The multi-purpose centre, built in 2015, is located near the residential and day facilities. The upper floor, which covers an area of 450 square metres and accommodates up to 150 people, is used as an auditorium. It is used for meetings, training courses and conferences.

The roof of the large hall is made of laminated fir wood, and uses curved elements to define the aesthetics of the space.

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