Certifications and partnerships


Illen is a founding partner and partner of ARCA, the first Italian certification system for timber constructions.

The ARCA brand (Architecture-Comfort-Environment) was established in Trentino in 2009 as the result of a project promoted by the Autonomous Province of Trento with the aim of enhancing the quality and sustainability of wooden buildings. The certification system evolved from SOFIE, the project that saw the creation of a 7 storey building constructed entirely in wood that became famous in 2007 for having overcome a simulation of an earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale successfully.


In 2005 we obtained the SOA certification for the category OS 32 (wooden structures). This certification, which is compulsory when participating in tenders for public works having a value exceeding € 150,000, represents a motive for striving to improve our services and products on a daily basis.

Certificato SOA  (file .pdf – 1,4 MB)

PEFC Chain of Custody

We implement a PEFC-certified chain of custody at our manufacturing facility. This means that we trace the wood during every stage of the processing and distribution phases, guaranteeing that it is sourced exclusively from responsibly managed forests.

Certificato PEFC  (file .pdf – 190 Kb)

CE marking

The CE marking certifies that the structural, rectangular cross-section, resistance classified wood construction products manufactured at our production facilities meet the requirements of the European Regulation on construction products.

Certificazione CE   (file .pdf – 2,4 MB)

Declaration of activity - processing of structural element s in wood

Centro Lavorazione Legno  (file .pdf – 1,7 MB)