Earthquake-proof houses

Safety first

Earthquake-proof solutions that comply with all the applicable regulations

Most of Italy is classified as being subject to medium-high seismic risk The intensity of an earthquake is unpredictable and the geo-morphological characteristics of any given area are immutable, but the risk can be reduced by careful planning against the effects of seismic.

To ensure safety in the event of an earthquake, buildings must meet certain criteria, such that the structures deform temporarily without reaching the point of failure. Compared to traditional masonry or concrete-steel buildings, wooden structures respond more easily to these safety requirements.

Illen wooden houses represent excellent earthquake-proof solutions since they are the result of meticulous design using high quality materials and construction systems.

Why use wood in an earthquake-proof home?

When exposed to an earthquake having the same intensity, a wooden house will be subject to less stress than a traditional house because it has a lower mass.

A wooden structure is resistant to tensile and compressive forces because it undergoes a controlled deformation, before resuming to its initial shape.

Wooden construction systems can be used to assemble constructions that emphasise the resistance of wooden structures to oscillations.