The method

A natural approach

The construction system for your projects

Over the years we have identified, developed and applied a variety of construction methods with the aim of simplifying the process of assembling wooden structures.

The construction system adopted today by Illen’s technical office – which boasts extensive experience and expertise – permits any type of project to be transformed into a finished building. The high value and specification of the finished building is guaranteed.



The construction of a wooden building requires special attention from the earliest planning stages.

Thanks to its ability and experience, our technical department is able to identify the most suitable solution for every type of requirement, outlining the best project tailored to each customer.

The design is carried out according to the classical canons of carpentry, taking primarily into account that cuts, joints, beats, etc. realize a correct connection of the warping elements, guaranteeing at the same time a wonderful aesthetic harmony.

With the use of numerically controlled machines, Illen technicians produce trusses with exact dimensions: an accurate computerized processing capable of highlighting the smallest details.

Raw materials


The raw material comes from Trentino’s alpine forests: our timber is harvested a few kilometres from the production site, thus ensuring a short supply chain.

In this way, we select timber at its place of origin and we exclusively harvest larch and spruce logs with sound healthy knots which ensure that the wood is of the highest quality.

This is a natural, eco-friendly and renewable raw material, with technical and physical characteristics that make it suitable for erecting balanced, healthy and earthquake-resistant buildings. Its elasticity prevents the formation of cracks and absorbs vibrations.



Expert skill and scrupulous care are equally important in the assembly phases to achieve a high-quality finished product: a professional installation is essential to ensure ultimate construction reliability.

Furthermore, the reduced on-site assembly times ensure excellent value for money.