Design and installation

Expert minds and hands at your service

Decades of experience in the wooden roofs sector have enabled Illen to identify various design and construction methods for optimising the assembly process while maintaining the quality, reliability and aesthetics of the construction.

Design process

The most critical part of the production process is the design phase: a careful study prevents inaccuracies that could give rise to delays and problems during assembly. Our design process is based on the classic principles of carpentry, developing them through modern technologies. The use of numerically controlled software and machines enables us to optimise joints and connections and guarantee precise dimensions.


To guarantee the complete reliability of the wooden structure, and hence the entire construction, it is essential to ensure that it is installed correctly.

Our structures are assembled by skilled carpenters who are trained and supervised directly by our organisation and equipped with a wide range of construction tools. This allows us to ensure that our structures are installed correctly and scrupulously.