Timber for construction

Roofs in Trentino fir and larch

There are numerous technical solutions that may be adopted when constructing a wooden roof, each of which has its pros and cons. The design process must take a range of factors into account, including the prevailing weather conditions in the area where the structure is to be installed, and elements such as frequent snowfalls, exposure to the sun and persistent humidity will drive the choice of one solution over another.

Trust in Illen’s experience for your wooden roof. We will analyse your requirements and choose the most appropriate construction technique, assembling the structural and insulating materials that best meet your needs.

Selecting the wood

Before we even start work on the project we carefully select the raw materials. Trentino is rich in forests and this allows us to identify the wood to be processed at source: we choose only the best logs, containing healthy knots, in order to ensure high quality performance.

We use mainly fir and larch, which are typical species that occur naturally in the Alpine arc and offer good durability characteristics.


Fir is a relatively soft, lightweight and rapid-growing wood. There are two varieties: spruce, which is widely available and easy to work with, and the lower-quality silver fir.

The light-coloured heartwood, acquires a straw-like hue when dried and exposed to the sun. The wood is easy to work with and used mainly for roofs, floors, fixtures, scaffolding and secondary frameworks.


Larch is a hard, very compact, slow-growing wood.

The heartwood, from rosy to reddish, tends to darken over time. Elastic, highly resistant and durable, larch is considered the best construction timber available in Europe.

Used mainly for roofs, bridges, doors and windows, it is particularly suitable for structures that are exposed to the elements. Due to its aesthetic qualities, it is an ideal wood for elegant buildings