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Houses, hotels, multi-purpose structures, innovative buildings, luxury cabins, historic buildings, prefabricated buildings, roofs and coverings: the are no limits to what wood can be used for. Our achievements demonstrate the versatility of wood, which lends itself to a variety of different purposes: energy efficiency, aesthetic results, respect for traditional techniques, earthquake-proof performance, speed of construction …

Whether creating new structures or renovating or restoring existing buildings, discover why wood represents a valid solution for your project. Take inspiration from some of our more notable creations:

DMO office

Pernumia PD

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Franchin Foundation auditorium roof

Franchin foundation

Montagnana PD

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Private residence

Molinella FE

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Mountain villa

Cortina d'Ampezzo BL

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Walser houses for tourist complexes in Valsesia

Riva Valdobbia VC

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Praesidia Medical Devices Laboratory

Altedo BO

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Dambel Council Offices

Dambel TN

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