Walser houses for tourist complexes in Valsesia

The Valsesia, on the slopes of Monte Rosa in Piedmont, has maintained Walser cultural heritage over the centuries. Of Alemannic origin, the Walser community settled in the valley 700 years ago, bringing with it typically Germanic construction techniques. Buildings and settlements have peculiar feature that differ from those of neighbouring communities, so much so that we speak of Walser architecture or houses.

In accordance with these the traditions, the 8 buildings of the residential complex in Alagna Valsesia and the 8 buildings in Riva Valdobbia were created using the ancient construction techniques. The use of wood prevails over stone, which is limited to the ground floor. As in the original Walser houses, the houses have three floors and are surrounded by large arcades protected by larch poles. The houses were built using the X-LAM system with log facing, the only traditional elements being the joints. The finished buildings may be considered luxury chalets.

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Riva Valdobbia VC
Construction system
Walls in X-lam with larch log facing

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